Minor Injury Care Treatment

Minor Injury Care Treatment Questions and Answers

At a clinic like Primary Care 360, anyone with any kind of minor injury can be treated without the need for an appointment. Come see us today if you need our care. You might have some questions for us first, so here’s our Q & A about minor injury care in Sherwood, Hensley, and White Hall, AR! For more information, call us or schedule an appointment online. We serve patients from East End AR, White Hall AR, Sherwood AR, Little Rock AR, Jacksonville AR, Maumelle AR and Conway AR.

Minor Injury Care Treatment Questions and Answers
Minor Injury Care Treatment Questions and Answers

What is a minor emergency?

The term “minor emergency” can refer to a non-life-threatening but urgent health-related situation. An example is a simple sprained ankle or a case of strep throat. These situations aren’t life-threatening, but they’re urgent, as they can be difficult to deal with for long, they can worsen, and they are best treated right away. The term “emergency” refers to a situation that is or could be life-threatening, like a major fractured bone or a case of fever in an infant.

A minor injury could be a minor fracture, a simple sprain, a small burn, a common cut, a bruise, or a similar injury. Such injuries can be treated at urgent care.

What should I do for a minor injury?

Minor injuries or other minor issues should be treated at urgent care. Life-threatening injuries or other life-threatening issues must be treated at the ER (emergency room). If you aren’t sure whether a situation is or isn’t life-threatening, please go to the ER to be safe!

A minor injury could be handled by a primary care physician, but if it’s urgent, it’s much better to go to urgent care instead. Urgent care can see you without the need for an appointment, so you can just walk right in for service right on the spot, and they’ll have you back home and healing up in next to no time. Urgent care doctors are fully capable of treating you and can see anyone in your family of any age. Primary Care 360 is an urgent care clinic!

How do you treat minor injuries?

Different injuries require different treatments, like how a minor burn requires cooling, protection, and possibly pain medication, but a minor cut requires washing, stoppage of bleeding, covering, possibly pain medication, and possibly also a tetanus shot. There are many injuries you can treat yourself at home, but you might want to come to urgent care instead for quick, thorough, and professional treatment. There are other minor injuries that really should be treated at urgent care, like a minor fracture which can become much worse if it isn’t treated properly and professionally.

Here at Primary Care 360, we treat minor injuries however they need to be treated. We can provide X-rays to check for injuries like fractures, and to treat injuries, we provide bandages, splints, casts, slings, stitches, prescription pain medications, tetanus shots, and more. Our services are available on a walk-in basis with no appointment necessary.

Do you provide minor injury care treatment near me?

We probably do! Primary Care 360 has locations in Sherwood, Hensley, and White Hall, AR. We ask that you see our Locations page for the location near you, its address, and its contact information. After, you can call us at that location or come see us if you need us. A minor injury often is a minor emergency, so don’t hesitate to come in, and don’t wait for service from your doctor! If it’s a family member who needs our care, you can bring them in to see us, and anyone of any age can receive care from us.

We look forward to seeing you soon here at Primary Care 360!

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