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Pharmacy Service Questions and Answers

At our Primary Care 360 clinics, we have a pharmacy and pharmacy services on-site for your convenience. Once your appointment is over, you can easily get your prescription filled at the same location. Come visit us in Sherwood, Hensley, and White Hall AR!

Pharmacy Service Questions and Answers
Pharmacy Service Questions and Answers

What is a pharmacy service?

In general, a pharmacy service carries medications and treatments of various kinds, and dispenses medication based on direction from physicians and other healthcare professionals. Pharmacies can be their own independent locations, or be embedded within a store, clinic, hospital or acute care setting. A pharmacy is an integral part of healthcare, as the professionals there administer life-saving medications and will usually have critical information about a patient’s health history, which can help ensure the medication is safe and right for them and their situation.

Each pharmacy usually has one or more pharmacists on staff, who are in charge of the overall administration of the service and the monitoring of medications and drugs given. There may also be pharmacy technicians or other professionals on staff, who help prepare and give out medications, connect with patients about refill information, or will help with general requests and inquiries.

At our Primary Care 360 clinics, we offer a pharmacy service on-site, meaning after your appointment, you can have any necessary prescriptions filled right away. This is efficient and convenient for you as a patient, especially in regards to being able to start any necessary treatment as soon as possible. If you come in to see us for something like strep throat or a UTI, chances are, you may be feeling pretty ill and uncomfortable, and will likely need antibiotics in order to address the issue. Since our pharmacy is right on-site, you can get your medication right away and start taking it immediately, which will have you feeling better quickly.

Do all pharmacies have a dispensing fee?

This depends both on the pharmacy and various other factors, but in general yes, most pharmacies will have some kind of dispensing fee. Dispensing fees have to do with the cost it takes to assemble and in some cases create a certain medication. It can also include the labor costs for the pharmacist or pharmacy technician. Basically, a dispensing fee is the cost for the overall pharmacy service.

While dispensing fees may vary, so will the cost to you as a patient. Some personal health insurance plans may cover a portion or all of dispensing fees, so it’s important to check with your personal plan to see what is covered. Dispensing fees may also be separate from the price of the medication or medications. If you need more information about our pharmacy service, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss options.

Is there a primary care clinic with a pharmacy?

Most primary care clinics typically don’t have a pharmacy or pharmacy service on-site. That’s what sets us apart at Primary Care 360, as our clinics have pharmacy services available all in one convenient location, so all of your health care needs and concerns can be conveniently addressed in one place.

In addition to our pharmacy service, we also see walk-in patients, provide X-rays and a suite of laboratory services, and have various health professionals on staff to address your different needs. In many situations, you may see a primary care provider and need medication, but then be required to go to a different location to have your prescription filled. This can be time consuming and a hassle, especially when you just want to start feeling better as soon as possible. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to have your prescriptions filled at the pharmacy service available within our clinics, and we ensure your needs can be addressed at just one site. Come visit us today in Sherwood, Hensley, and White Hall, AR! We serve patients from Hensley AR, White Hall AR, Sherwood AR, Little Rock AR, Jacksonville AR, Maumelle AR and Conway AR.

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