X-Rays and Lab Testing

X-Rays and Lab Testing Services Questions and Answers

Here at Primary Care 360, you can get X-ray imaging or laboratory testing done. We may be able to see you without the need for an appointment and can provide the service right on the spot without having to refer you to a specialist. We understand you might have some questions about our services, though, so here’s a Q & A on X-rays and lab testing services in Sherwood, East End, and White Hall, AR! We serve patients from Hensley AR, White Hall AR, Sherwood AR, Little Rock AR, Jacksonville AR, Maumelle AR and Conway AR.

X-Rays and Lab Testing Services Questions and Answers
X-Rays and Lab Testing Services Questions and Answers

What are laboratory tests?

Laboratory tests are simple tests of a sample of blood, urine, or tissue from a patient. The test can help a doctor diagnose a certain condition like a kind of disease. Some of the conditions or other issues a lab test can look for are anemia, STDs, thyroid problems, diabetes, HIV, the flu, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, strep throat, and others. At Primary Care 360, we can test for many common conditions and issues. Typically, all we need for a test is a simple urine or blood sample.

When do you need a lab test?

You may need to get a lab test if you or a doctor thinks you might have a condition or issue like any of the ones we mentioned above. It’s definitely important to get tested for such an issue, as it may become worse or spread to other people (like with the flu). If you have a referral for a test, you should have it done, but you don’t necessarily need a doctor’s referral for a lab test. Also, you might need a lab test done annually if you’re at risk for a certain condition, like heart disease. A doctor can help you determine whether you need annual testing.

Many urgent care clinics, like ours, have an in-house laboratory and can provide onsite lab tests for non-life-threatening issues. With urgent care, an appointment isn’t necessary, so you can just come by for a test right on the spot. Urgent care takes referrals too.

What is an X-ray used for?

While a lab test is what checks for certain illnesses and related issues, an X-ray checks for injuries (and also some illnesses). X-ray imaging creates pictures of the inside of a patient’s body, and the pictures can help a doctor determine whether there’s a broken bone, or diagnose an illness like pneumonia. A mammogram is a kind of X-ray that can check for breast cancer. Arthritis, kidney stones, a problem with swallowing, or even a condition like heart failure can be diagnosed with the help of X-ray imaging. Foreign metal objects can be detected with an X-ray too.

When should you get an X-ray?

You might need an X-ray if you or a doctor thinks you may have any issue we mentioned above or a related issue. An issue like a minor bone fracture could easily become worse and serious if a doctor doesn’t detect and treat it, and for women over 40, it may be necessary to get screened for breast cancer annually. There are many other instances of when an X-ray is necessary.

You might have a referral for an X-ray, but you don’t necessarily need one for an X-ray at urgent care. Also, our urgent care clinic has an in-house X-ray machine, so we can provide an X-ray right here. Contact us today if you need an X-ray, or just come see us if you have a non-life-threatening but urgent injury or other issue that may require an X-ray. We accept referrals too.

Do you offer X-rays and lab testing services near me?

We very likely do! Primary Care 360 has multiple locations, including ones in Sherwood, Hensley, and White Hall, AR. Please see our Locations page for the location near you, its address, and its contact information. After, give us a call at that location if you need an X-ray, or come see us if you think you need an X-ray for a non-life-threatening but urgent injury or other issue. You can just come see us if you need a lab test done for any reason! For either service, please bring in any paperwork you have if you have any.

We look forward to seeing you soon here at Primary Care 360!

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